Dave M. Edwards
Resume| Ed Philosophy

First and foremost, I am an innovator whose passion to see education transformed drives everything I do.  I want to see innovative learning become the constant and leadership become the catalyst to foster a 21st century learning ecosystem.  How will this happen? It takes a willingness to join in the crucial conversations that are happening around disruptive technologies, social media and new leadership paradigms.

This blog is designed to give readers a good glimpse into how leadership and learning collide in effective learning environments.  In addition, I hope to spur critical conversations for changing the way the world leads and learns.  I hope to engage readers into debating issues related to education and educational technology, assist readers in building the new leadership paradigms, and really focus on a couple of critical questions:

  • How do we affect systemic change?
  • What role do the students play in the “new leadership paradigm”?

Come join me!



  1. John Jensen says:

    Dave– I tried to find your email– in response to your blog about the 12 barriers. You don’t mention a key one– that since Progressive Education, US education has been committed structurally to superficial learning: “Finals”, courses ending, review questions, etc. I’d like to send you the manuscript of the first of my three volume series to be published by Rowman and Littlefield in 2012, titled The Practice Makes Permanent series. Once your intervention is on target, you should see changes in days, not years. A lot of resistance, I think, is due just to people’s uncertainty about what “works.”

    • Dave says:

      John, I apologize that it has taken me so long to review this comment. I have just found this comment and would love to review your manuscript and learn how my new company, Ignite Learning Partners, Inc. can assist in working with you.

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